The Committee

Cuddles (Michelle Drayton-Harrold) — Chair

Cuddles pic

Cuddles' first convention was FAIRCON 78, and she has managed to attend an assortment of events over the years despite a stint with Her Majesty's Armed Forces and pursuing a career in midwifery. She enjoys all aspects of the genre especially media SF, horror & short fiction magazines, reads at least 2 books a week (family and work permitting), collects movie soundtracks and wants to have Jensen Ackles (Dean in Supernatural) babies! In 1995, Cuddles established the disability advisory service, Electrical Eggs UK, to "Make Conventions Accessible to Everyone", which has been her main fannish activity since taking time out to have the kids. She's easy to spot at conventions: she usually carries around a toy bat!

Carolyn Sleith — Treasurer

Carolyn pic

Carolyn is the bean counter. She counts beans. That's what she does. Beans are a bit boring to count, but it's about all she can be trusted to do without hurting herself. She's also in charge of crayons, markers and stickie notes, but not pencils (they're too sharp).

Jean Thompson — Membership

Jean pic

Jean's first convention was in 1977 (oh my gods!) and she has managed to attend at least one convention each year since then. She has been involved in such illustrious bodies as SOS (the Saltcoats Science Fiction group), Warped Out (forerunner of Glasgow's Away Team) and, needless to say, the original Trout. She has volunteered at many of the conventions she attended. She was on the committee of Albacon II, ran the Info Desk at the 2005 Worldcon in Glasgow and was one of the group of fans who restarted Trout. She enjoys reading SF, watching SF, and is a fan of the original Star Trek. For a while she could legitimately claim to sell phasers (see Xerox's website for explanation) and is now involved in communications - Enterprise communications, that is. She is also a time traveler, traveling back in time as a Viking.

Sparks — Programming

Sparks. What can you say?

Mad Elf — Publicity

ME pic

Mad Elf's first proper (i.e. non-RPG) convention was Albacon 88; he spent the entire time role-playing. Since that time he has discovered the delights of being a Gopher, Green Room Bod, Tech, and Steward, and has finally settled on Operations as having the best combination of meeting people, access to comestibles, and comfortable chairs. (As well as the Feeling of Power, Bwahahaha.) He has also been on no fewer than six committees before, and only one of the resulting conventions has been classified as Better Off Not Mentioned.
Wedged somewhere between the conventions, role-playing, reading, anime, and sporadic attempts at writing fiction, is something resembling a Real Life. It contains a job writing web applications, which is boring to talk about, and a daughter — but since the latter is also very much into conventions and anime, and is showing an interest in role-playing as well, she may not count as Real Life after all.
Mad Elf is, of course, not a real name, but it's far better known than the real one.

Mike Quin — Tech

Mike pic

Mike is one part of Albacon's Technical team, and discovered fandom — and a few other members of the commitee — in 1997 with his first convention — Hypotheticon.

Willing to lend a hand at just about anything he quickly found himself wearing a Gopher badge, and at subsequent conventions helping out with Tech and Security and Operations as well. He has been on the Tech crews in various capacities at four Glasgow conventions.

Perpetually in a state of not having time to read all the books he'd like to, he somehow manages to also tend interests in computers of all sorts, cycling and photography.

Cameron Taylor — Tech

Cameron. What can you say?