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According to A.C. Clarke, 2010 is the year we make contact and how true that will be!

I am more than delighted to be involved in the revival of Albacon, Scotland's favourite SF genre event and also to welcoming friends old and new back to Glasgow. Albacon will run over three days, providing a range of entertainment and activities celebrating the wonders of the science fiction genre.

Our theme will be Space Travel for Work and Leisure and we have two fantastic guests for you to meet: Liz Williams and Peter F. Hamilton.

Scottish fandom has certainly been making a bit of an impact again:

We will be hosting Albacon in a new location, located at Glasgow Airport, which is one of the reasons why our theme is so appropriate (for more information about the hotel's facilities, follow this link). Albacon will be a very unique event at this particular hotel: one more accustomed to commuters, holiday makers, small business meetings or 'traditional' evening socials. I have the feeling the staff will want to 'crash the party' as much as possible and I certainly hope they will enjoy themselves as much as our attendees!

As Heinlein said: "Have Spacesuit – Will Travel", so book up for your trip now!

Michelle "Cuddles" Drayton-Harrold

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