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Peter F. Hamilton

Peter F. Hamilton is best known for writing rather large space operas. In fact if you can tell Peter a sizeist / weightist joke about his books that he hasn't already heard he'll be rather pleasantly surprised. After starting his career in SF by writing a series of futuristic detective novels, featuring a psychic private eye Greg Mandel set in a near future Britain, complete with Global Warming and the Credit Crash, The Reality Dysfunction came out in 1996, which was noted for its 1000 page size and blending hard SF with horror elements, giving rise to the term genre-bending. Peter went on to write The Neutronium Alchemist and The Naked God, which were progressively larger books, to complete the Night's Dawn trilogy. This has subsequently been translated into nine foreign language editions, and printed in six parts in America and twelve parts in Italy. In total the Night's Dawn books came to over 1.2 million words, and that doesn't include the anthology, A Second Chance at Eden set in the same Confederation universe, or the Confederation Handbook which squeezes every last known (to Peter) fact about this universe onto paper.

The novels Fallen Dragon and Misspent Youth followed. Then the Commonwealth Saga, consisting of Pandora's Star and Judas Unchained. Peter is currently working on the Void trilogy, also set in the Commonwealth Universe, and sincerely hopes to have that finished in time for Albicon.

A native Rutlander, he still lives in that county with his wife Kate and two small children, who are the main reason for his books being shorter these days. He is unapologetic in his preference for 70's music, and in the winter evenings can be found watching trashy DVDs on an obscenely large telly; whilst in the summer he plays for his local pub in the Rutland petanque league. His team came bottom this year.



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