GoH - Liz Williams

Liz Williams

The committee is proud to announce that Liz Williams has agreed to be our Guest of Honour. Born in 1965, the daughter of a stage magician and a gothic novelist, Liz had her first short work published in Interzone in 1997. Since then she has produced several other short stories and novels, honoured by four Philip K. Dick Award nominations and one Arthur C. Clarke Award shortlisting. Recently she has been involved in editing several issues of the magazine that gave her her start.

Liz lives in Glastonbury, England, where she is co-director of a witchcraft supply business. She is currently published by Bantam Spectra (US) and Tor Macmillan (UK), also Night Shade Press and appears regularly in Realms of Fantasy, Asimov's and other magazines. She is the secretary of the Milford SF Writers' Workshop, and also teaches creative writing and the history of Science Fiction.

Liz' partner Trevor Jones has also agreed to join us. He is the owner of three shops in Glastonbury and has been in the witchcraft business for over 5 years. He is a practising druid and second degree witch, a smallholder, and is currently undertaking a degree in History. With Liz, he is in the process of writing DIARY OF A WITCHCRAFT SHOP.




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